Turret Tender Update - Stock Availablity

After a very frustrating 5 years! I am very please to say that we now have our 5000 Gallon Turret Tender kits available.
The kit is of full etched brass construction with Lost wax Brass castings. The kits come complete with four hole disk metal wheels in RP25-88 profile, KD Scale head whisker couplers, Various sized brass wire for handrails, brake pipes and conduit lines and all required nuts bolts etc. Included is a CD with a detailed set of assembly instructions. Also on the disk are prototype photos of the tender behind 5353 currently preserved within the collection at the Dorrigo Railway Museum. There are also copies of the assembly photos within the instructions along with others that do not appear in the instructions. You will also find a link to these instruction at the top of the home page of our blog. I must say that the wait has been well worth it. The completed tender really does look fantastic.
We have also made a modification to the footplate of the tender (as explained in the previous post) that allows it to be raised 2mm to match the DJH loco kits. We found that the loco footplates, compared to several brass examples and the data sheet drawings, were 2mm too high. Probably to accommodate the oversize diameter wheels used in the kits. Our tender is also designed to be used with  DCC and provision is made for fitting a 23mm high bass speaker and speaker box with decoder mountd in the coal turret.
The Kits will sell for $120 per kit plus postage.

Below are some photos of the 'final' finished but unpainted tender. We have only but a small number of these for our first run available and have already sent for the second run of etches. So get in and order yours now if you have been waiting for one. Please email us at andian.models@gmail.com for payment and postage details.

Below is a list of the current kits available, accompanied by photos,
as of Monday 18-11-2013:

5000 Gallon Turret Tenders. $120 per kit. Photos as above.

BLV 3 door louvre van.  $70 per kit

WTL Four wheel Water Gins (Spoked or 4 hole disk wheels). $60 per kit

LWW Well wagons. $80 per kit.

ROD Number Plates (Assorted) $5 per set

2 Lever Ground Frames. $5each (Three lever frame shown)

Signal Pulleys. $5 per set.
Small Point Compensator's. $5 per set.
Roding Chairs TOS....... available soon. $5 per set.

Please email us if you wish to purchase any of the above. andian.models@gmail.com

Ian Phemister
Andrew Lee
AndIan Models.

Turret Tender Update

Our turret tender design work is now complete. We have approved all the etch work, brass castings and instructions have been written. We have now ordered all the castings from John Dersch and have commenced production of the etched sheets through Master Cut. All the components are also on order and we should have them available in the next month or so.
Our first run will consist of 60 tenders. We have still to finalise an exact price but they should be somewhere around $120 per tender kit.

Below are some photos of the completed tender prior to painting. In the last lot of revisions we added a few more details on the front bulkhead of the tender body....Valves, steps etc. The issue of the over etched rivets have also been resolved.....it seems that we simply had the rivets too small......our last sample revealed the same....... hence yet another delay. We also solved an issue that arose with the footplate height. When the tender was married up to a DJH 53 the fall plate on the loco sat 2mm too high. It was initially assumed that we had made a mistake with our measuring however further checking of measurements found that in actual fact the DJH locos (50, 53 and 55 classes) all have their footplates 2mm to high. Probably to compensate for the over size wheels and over scale footplate. We were also able to borrow several brass models and marry our tender to them.....Perfect height. So, we have made the footplate of the tender adjustable so it can be built to suit either the correct height for brass models or the higher height for the DJH kits.

The bottom 2 photos show the tender married to an almost complete DJH 53 Class. You may also see that I have drilled the rear markers 0.5mm for fibre optics to replicate working markers. These were drilled after they were soldered to the tender body.


Turret Tender Update

After a long gestation, our Turret Tender kit is nearing completion. Just before the Epping Model Railway Club exhibition at Thornleigh we received the latest version of the etch which only needs a couple of minor changes. We are still awaiting final (hopefully) test shots of a couple of the cast brass details, and when we approve these, we can roll into production.
Here is a photo showing the final pre production tender with most of its castings. Unfortunately, our etcher has over etched the sheet loosing most of the rivet detail. This will be fixed on the production run sheets.

WTL Water Gin Released

The water gin kit was released at the Epping Model Railway Clubs exhibition at Thornleigh. The prototype is a fairly modern gin, with a 2700Gal half-round tank on an 18'. 10'' wheelbase underframe, the same as an S-truck underframe.

 The kit consists of an etched brass underframe, with a cast resin tank and details in etched brass, cast brass (loss wax) and a number of other materials, KD 158 scale head whisker couplers, brass wire, instructions etc. It is modelled on an underframe with two gussets, and has the option of building it with or without the strengthened solebars.

The kit is available with either RP25-88 spoked wheels, or 4-hole disc wheels, and comes with decals to suit WTL 391, the gin assigned to Muswellbrook. We have also produced decals for generic numbers (in 9" stencil numbers) or L458 when it had been reassigned as a water oil carrier, following dieselisation.

The cost of the kits are $60 each plus $11.00 registered post. They can be ordered direct from us by emailing your details to andian.models@gmail.com . Please indicate wheel type when ordering.

Below is some photos showing a completed sample of the 'Muswellbrook' Gin and the kit contents. Note also the differences in the decals for each side and the incorrect spelling of 'EMTY'. All as per the prototype.


Welcome to AndIan Models

Welcome to AndIan Models. We are a small "cottage industry" partnership between Andrew Lee and Ian Phemister, and we produce a small, but growing, number of kits.

The prototypes we choose are usually fairly obscure items from New South Wales, which have either not been modelled before, or are now unobtainable. We work primarily in HO scale, and in a variety of materials, primarily etched brass or cast polyurethane resin.

We generally do small runs of each kit, but the design allows for small runs to be done at any time, so we aim to keep most kits available, but they may run out from time to time. We have also produced a number of items to meet specific requests. In most cases these will be available, but by order only, and the lead time to produce them will likely be a little longer. These Items will be explained in future posts.

I have added links (above) to our previous email bulletins which will bring you up to date with where our projects are at. Do check back soon for details of our recently released kit.

Please feel free to contact us for further information. andian.models@gmail.com