Turret Tender Update

After a long gestation, our Turret Tender kit is nearing completion. Just before the Epping Model Railway Club exhibition at Thornleigh we received the latest version of the etch which only needs a couple of minor changes. We are still awaiting final (hopefully) test shots of a couple of the cast brass details, and when we approve these, we can roll into production.
Here is a photo showing the final pre production tender with most of its castings. Unfortunately, our etcher has over etched the sheet loosing most of the rivet detail. This will be fixed on the production run sheets.


Colin Hussey said...


Overall it looks very nice indeed, especially the bogies look the part with the more correct rolled edges to the main frames of it.

Question re the tender internals, looking at the front end with the shovelling plate, there appears to be a brass plate or something behind the door, am wondering of the kit has the main internal coal plate & upward sloped plates towards the rear doors?

Reason I ask is that I would like to obtain one of the kits but like to have the internal details showing as I vary the amount of coal loading in tenders.



BURROWA said...

Well done and well worth the wait.Regards Peter