Welcome to AndIan Models

Welcome to AndIan Models. We are a small "cottage industry" partnership between Andrew Lee and Ian Phemister, and we produce a small, but growing, number of kits.

The prototypes we choose are usually fairly obscure items from New South Wales, which have either not been modelled before, or are now unobtainable. We work primarily in HO scale, and in a variety of materials, primarily etched brass or cast polyurethane resin.

We generally do small runs of each kit, but the design allows for small runs to be done at any time, so we aim to keep most kits available, but they may run out from time to time. We have also produced a number of items to meet specific requests. In most cases these will be available, but by order only, and the lead time to produce them will likely be a little longer. These Items will be explained in future posts.

I have added links (above) to our previous email bulletins which will bring you up to date with where our projects are at. Do check back soon for details of our recently released kit.

Please feel free to contact us for further information. andian.models@gmail.com